New York & Paris Food Haul


Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing winter break! I went home for the holidays and it felt really good to be with my family and friends from back home.

Since I went to both New York and Paris, I thought I would share with you all the food I bought there. I don’t know if it’s very interesting to you, but I know it’s definitely something I would appreciate reading if I were travelling somewhere.


Let’s start with New York. It was my first time going there and we were so busy visiting the city and the museums that we did not do much food shopping.
But as we were walking around China Town, I came across this Japanese (not Chinese!) store with lots of beautiful traditional Japanese bowls. Given my slight obsession with bowls (I know…), I went in with my family.  I found a huge selection of loose tea that you can smell and pick for yourself. I went for the rose tea and bought 100g for $2, which I think is pretty cheap. I love the taste of it and it reminds me of my childhood.
I would highly recommend going to this store… and get some tea and Japanese bowls! You won’t regret it 🙂

Here is the link to the store website: New Kam Man.


The other food I bought while I was in New York are these Coconut Chips. I have always wanted to try them but they are usually pretty expensive. As I was walking around the Chelsea Market, I found these for very cheap at a store called Manhattan Fruit Exchange.
I haven’t had a lot yet but I’m thinking of adding the coconut chips to my smoothies, fruit salads or to some yogurt.
If you’re in New York, go to the Chelsea Market! It’s really nice to go have lunch, so many nice options 🙂


Now let’s talk about things I brought back from Paris. Are you travelling to Paris and you don’t know what to bring back or offer your friends and family? Here is what I love bringing back and recommend you to get 🙂

I brought a lot from home but I still had to remove a few things from my suitcase at the last minute, because it was overweight (as usual!) 😦
Two main things I ALWAYS bring back from home is tea and chocolate. Tea because it reminds me of the ones I drink at home, and chocolate because…. well they are much better in France! 😉

Of course, I bought the Lipton Grand Sud that I haven’t found anywhere else but in France. It’s a liquorice and mint herbal tea, and trust, me it’s delicious! Two of my Canadian friends love it so much they asked me to bring them some back for themselves. During high school, I was always looking forward to come home and have a cup of this herbal tea with a piece of Lindt: A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate that I will talk about later. Since it was part of my daily routine, I have to take some back with me to Vancouver!

As for the two other Lipton teas that I brought back this time (Orange Jaïpur and Marrakech Mint), they are completely new to me. I was at the supermarket and I thought they looked very nice. Since then, I have the Orange Jaïpur tea every morning! It reminds me or the citrus infusion that my grandmother used to give me when I couldn’t fall asleep when I was younger. It’s so delicious and relaxes me instantly.
The Marrakech Mint tea is just as delicious and really reminds me of my trips to Morocco. You have to try them both!


To continue with tea (as you can see I have an obsession with tea… and chocolate but we’ll talk about that later), I also brought back these two. The one on the right is a caffeine free tea my dad gave me before leaving home. It’s actually from a British brand called Marks & Spencer but they opened a few stores in Paris recently. This infusion is very gingery so this is the one for you if you like ginger! I know for sure I’ll drink this one with honey when I have a cold.

The one on the left is actually not from France (sorry I’m cheating a little), but from Canada. It’s a Christmas present from my brother and I thought I would add it here because I really like it and the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. It’s from the brand Teavana (that I didn’t know before) and my brother picked the Strawberry and Grapefruit flavour.


Moving away from tea, I finally didn’t forget to bring back …. pesto!? Yes pesto, because (I’m sorry to all Canadians) the pesto here is very bad! It has no taste and is just oil. I have to use a ton to taste a liiiiitle bit of the pesto flavour. However, I found out that adding a little bit of crushed chili pepper accentuates the pesto taste.
Anyway, if you live in Canada and want to know what pesto really tastes like, bring back some from France (or even better from Italy) 🙂 You only use one spoon and it’s deliciousssss.


Maille is a famous French brand that mostly sells mustard, and they have a store in Paris. They have some very interesting and original flavours, and my dad got me a few last year. He got me this one (Mango and Thai Spices) that I haven’t finished yet, an Apricot and Curry Spices one and a Parmesan Cheese and Basil. I think it’s a great thing to bring back from France or give to someone: the price is very reasonable, they have different sizes, lots of different flavours and it’s very French (go to any French house and you’ll find Maille mustard in their fridge)!


Finally… let’s talk about chocolate! No matter what I ALWAYS bring back chocolate! I’m not going on the plane back to Vancouver without these. This is the baking chocolate I use for all of my recipes that require chocolate. I believe that the quality of the chocolate you use completely changes the taste of your dessert. I’ve used other baking chocolate that I have found in Canada to make desserts and I was SO disappointed by the result! So now I always make sure I bring back my chocolate from home 🙂


I don’t even know where to start with this chocolate…. The one in the back is my favourite chocolate with the Lindt A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. This Cote D’Or chocolate is the Milk Chocolate Caramelized Almond with a Touch of Salt. This one usually doesn’t last more than two days in my house! And if my boyfriend is around, it’s usually gone in one hour. So pleeeease make sure you try this chocolate if you go to France (and hide another bar in your suitcase so no one sees it)!!!
Try a few other chocolates from the same brand because they are all delicious and there are a lot of options.


My mum added these ones to my collection of chocolate to bring back, probably because these are the ones she used to buy for my brothers and I when we were younger. Milka has delicious chocolates and very nice flavours: oreo, daims, cookies, caramel, hazelnut & caramel and much more!


And finally, the Lindt chocolates… Where would I be without them haha 😉
Although they have so many different options that I absolutely love, my favourite has to be the Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. I am not going to lie, I brought more than three bars of these like the photo shows, but I have eight at the moment. These are particularly good with an expresso: the taste of the coffee with the salted dark chocolate is a perfect combination in my opinion.

Anyway, here are the things I brought back from New York and Paris food-wise. There are other things that I already had brought back previously but I will leave these for another blog post 🙂 If you liked this idea of post, please let me know as I love to get some feedback. And maybe I can do something like that for the next country I visit…?

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  1. Andrea says:

    amazing!! ive got to try out all these chocolates, and the liquorice and mint herbal tea is OUT OF THIS WORLD I love ittt. Merci Flavie!


  2. flavie406 says:

    Thanks Andrea for the feedback ❤ Glad you're loving the tea!


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