Cheesy Appetizers! (GF)

IMG_9167Hey everyone!

As I was home, I thought of the recipes I could make and share with you, and I had so many ideas! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to make them all but still managed to prepare a few appetizers for my mum’s New Year’s Eve party. These two appetizers are ones that my mum and I make quite regularly when friends come over or when we are invited to a party where every guest brings something. They are super easy and quick to make … and I think they look really nice too!

For the cheese lollipops:

Ingredients: IMG_9133

  • 50g of grated Parmesan
  • 50g of grated Gruyere cheese
  • Black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds, aniseed or linseed (you can choose to use all three for different lollipops but make sure you don’t mix them into one!)
  • An apple, grapefruit or orange.

You will also need toothpicks and aluminum foil. 


Preheat your oven at 355 Fahrenheit (180 Celsius).

On your oven rack or baking tray, place your parchment paper.

Mix both grated cheeses together in a bowl. Add the black pepper.

Using a tablespoon, add one spoon of the cheese-black pepper mix to the parchment paper and try to make it look like a circle. You can use a round cookie cutter if you have one.

Make sure you have both gruyere and parmesan cheeses in those circles, as both are important to the lollipop (the gruyere combines the parmesan so it doesn’t break). Once you have all of your cheese circles ready, sprinkle with the seeds you have chosen.

Then place one toothpick in each circle.

Bake in the oven for 4-5min.


While the cheese lollipops are baking, take an apple, grapefruit or orange and wrap it with the aluminum foil. This is what you are going to use to put your cheese lollipops in. Once they are ready, take them out of the oven and let them cool for a few minutes so that they become crunchy. Using a spatula, remove the cheese lollipops and insert the toothpick in the aluminum fruit you’ve chosen!


For the tomato-basic-mozzarella skewers:

Ingredients: IMG_9121

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Basil leaves
  • Italian seasoning, oregano or thyme

You will also need toothpicks.


Wash your cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. Cut your mozzarella cheese in cubes of about the same size as the cherry tomato.

With one toothpick, place one basil leaf, half of the cherry tomato and a mozzarella cube. Place on a nice plate and continue until you are out of the ingredients.

Once you are done, sprinkle with the herbs you’ve chosen to decorate your plate with and to add some taste to the skewers.




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